Moon Shroom Gummies

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1 to 100 $8.00/ea

(5 is the minimum order) 1 Gummy = 1+ Grams mushroom

These are professionally made with pure lab extracted psilocybin there is no fruit body in the gummy so its all the "fun" without the unpleasant side affects some people experience, the pure extract provides a more euphoric experience akin to MDMA each gummie contains 1GRAM mushroom equivalent but this is just for reference, the feeling is more pronounced and euphoric...

Psilocybin isolate made with ultrasonic homogenizer and rotary evaporator this is the BEST way to experience Psilocybin. This is my favorite and preferred way to experience this incredible spiritual medicine. Each gram is equivalent to 10+ grams of dry mushrooms but the feeling is much cleaner and euphoric pure bliss I promise this is like nothing you have experienced before. This professional lab process removes the elements that can cause some people nausea and or stomach discomfort.


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